by Pokey B. Goode,  Poet & Sun Valley Rescue Ranch Alumnus

If you love dog and circus clowns
And books that make you smile, not frown;
You dream of places far away,
And Christmas is your holiday—
And if…
Your years on earth number between
One hundred and one hundred and twenty,
And you like your endings happy,
You will love “A Clown Dog’s Christmas.”

The story Chuck tells his fellow canine friends
Of the tall and very human clown Beppo
And his beloved Dalmatian dog Pebbles,
It answers all of Pebbles’ questions.
Yes, indeedy, this dog, like Beppo the clown, can speaky!

Why, with Christmas days away, is Beppo so sad
He may leave the circus?
Is it because Lulu, the woman he loves, went away?
Can it be a not-so-good clown led her astray?
Can Pebbles, with her super sense of smell, save the day?
Ho! Ho! Ho! I know so. And so can you…
I recommend…
Leni Ramberg’s “A Clown Dog’s Christmas”
To one and all!

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