About Leni



Leni lived on a small farm in Minnesota until she was five. The first dog in her life was Snooks, a Shepherd mix that herded the cows between pasture and barn.

From kindergarten through high school graduation Leni lived on the North Shore of Minnesota in Silver Bay, a town known as the Taconite Capital of the World.  Los Angeles, California is her home now, a city often referred to as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Leni’s early passion for Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew mysteries inspired GIRLFRIEND DETECTIVES: THE MISSING PHOTO MYSTERY, available through Kindle, Nook, i-pad and other e-readers. Her adopted Dalmatian, Pebbles, inspired A CLOWN DOG’S CHRISTMAS

Essays about Silver Bay, Los Angeles, and other neighborhoods of  her life and mind can be read at leniramberg.blogspot.com.


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