About Me…


I’ve loved books and dogs as long as I can remember.

Until I was five I lived on a small farm in Minnesota.  The first dog in my life was Snooks, a Shepherd mix that herded the cows between pasture and barn.

During my school years I lived in Silver Bay, Minnesota, along Lake Superior’s north shore.  In Silver Bay, my family included my sister’s Pomeranian named Boots, and Fifi, my toy poodle.

Los Angeles, California is my home now.  Recently, my husband and I drove down to Newport Beach and adopted the energetic, delightful Honey West.  Years earlier, we shared our lives with a galoot named Spot. But our most famous canine friend?  Pebbles— the multi-talented Clown Dog, inspiration for A CLOWN DOG’S CHRISTMAS.

My passion for Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew mysteries inspired my novel GIRLFRIEND DETECTIVES: THE MISSING PHOTO MYSTERY,  available for Kindle, Nook, i-pad and other e-readers.

Essays about Silver Bay, Los Angeles and other neighborhoods of my life and mind can be read at leniramberg.blogspot.com.

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